Trapeze Table (Cadillac)

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Trapeze Table (Cadillac)

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Challenge the body in multiple planes of motion.

Also called a Cadillac, the Trapeze Table supports fitness and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities. An extraordinary variety of exercises are possible - from gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics. Balanced Body Trapeze Tables are engineered for maximum stability, efficient adjustment and safe use for both instructor and client.

NEW! We are pleased to introduce improvements for the Balanced Body Trapeze Tables and Towers that we think you’ll love.

  • Stainless steel frame: the Trapeze Table frame is now built of stainless steel instead of chrome. You will love its sleek new look, and also that it is smooth and easy to maintain. It is also resistant to chipping, pitting, corrosion and discoloration, and its fabrication is more environmentally responsible.
  • Slide System for the push-through bar: repositioning the bar is now a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session. Bonus: it is quieter to use and maintenance-free.

Our Trapeze Table base remains solidly constructed with lapped and fitted joints for maximum stability. Sliding cross bars feature self-lubricating, greaseless bearings for ease of movement. They are locked in place with plastic-tipped screws, preventing burrs which hinder slider movement.

NOTE! The optional Trapeze Table Extender must be ordered at the time of purchase because it requires factory installation. Our Trapeze Table comes pre-drilled to accept the optional Face Rest.

Bonus - included at no extra charge

  • Pair of cotton loops.
  • Pair of adjustable thigh and ankle cuffs.
  • Set of Fuzzies (lambswool loops). Choice of short or long webs.
  • Belly strap.

Standard Features

  • NEW! Our new Slide System for the push-through bar makes repositioning the bar a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session. Bonus: it is quieter to use and maintenance-free.
  • NEW! Stainless steel frame replaces chrome. You will love its sleek new look, and also that it is smooth and easy to maintain, as well as resistant to chipping, pitting, corrosion and discoloration. And, its fabrication is more environmentally responsible.
  • Constructed of hardwood core, joints lapped and fitted for maximum stability.
  • Three inches (7.5cm) wider than traditional trap tables, to accommodate a broad range of body types.
  • Pre-drilled for optional face rest
  • Balanced Body Signature Springs™ with snap hooks, package of 12: 2 yellow (very light), 2 blue (light), 2 red (medium), and 2 black (Trapeze Bar) springs. Long Springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 purple (medium).
  • Upholstered in heavy-duty vinyl over standard foam. Stock color: Black.
  • Upholstered “mud flaps” protect the tabletop mat edges from bottom-sprung springs.
  • CE approved medical device (Class 1).

Straps, Handles and Bars

  • Push-through bar is anodized aluminum and can be assembled as 3-sided or 4-sided bar. Adjustable to 3 heights. Safety strap and carabiner included. (Chains available on request.)
  • Horizontal and vertical slider bars provide unlimited positions for spring attachments. Butterfly knobs allow easy and secure slider bar adjustments.
  • Padded Trapeze Bar with spring sleeves and springs.
  • Solid Maple roll-down bar 58 cm with inside hooks.
  • One pair each: single d-ring cotton loops, ankle cuffs and thigh cuffs.
  • Lambswool fuzzies (pair) with long cotton webs.
  • Black cotton belly strap

Optional Trap Table Extender

A pull-out shelf with upholstered box adds 30 cm to the table length, and provides additional options for positioning a client on the table.

NOTE: Shelf is only available when purchased at the same time as your Trapeze Table.


  • Table surface height, including upholstery: 65 cm
  • Table width: 74 cm
  • Width including push-through bar adjustment knobs: 76 cm
  • Table length: 203 cm plus 11 cm for canopy brackets.
  • Trapeze frame height (from top to floor): 220 cm
  • Weight: 86 kg

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