The Power of your Breath

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The Power of your Breath

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The Power of Your Breath is an easy to understand and practical self-help book written for those of you who wish to improve your health, boost your energy and ability to enjoy life, and at the same time help you grow as a person.

The purpose of the book is to communicate simple knowledge of good breathing techniques that you can apply anytime, anywhere. For many it has become a life-changing book when realizing the power of our breath and then got the tools to improve their breathing patterns.

Okay, that sounds great — but what’s the catch? There is no catch. The only potential obstacle is whether or not you are prepared to do the job necessary to improve your breathing habits. The book gives you the tools, but it is up to you to use them.

The Importance of Breathing

We spend an enormous amount of money on the quest for improving our health, our looks, our weight, our fitness, our sleep, our energy, and our sex lives. But the fact is that we already have the secret key to all of these and more. What’s more, it doesn’t require you to spend a single penny.

The key to better looks, greater sex, improved health, reduced stress, and a much healthier, trimmer and more energetic body lies in something that is such a natural and fundamental part of our lives that we rarely even think about it—namely, our breathing!

We all know the importance of breathing. But few of us understand that HOW we breathe affects every single aspect of our life. Poor breathing habits, such as breathing too much, too shallowly, holding our breath, or feeling as if we are not breathing at all, can cause major stress to our body, resulting in oxygen depletion and energy shortage.

And that’s just the beginning. HOW you breathe can also change your looks by altering the shape and position of your teeth, chin, and bone structure; increase your weight by reducing your ability to burn fat; spoil your love life by reducing your stamina, blood flow and sexual enjoyment; affect your heart rate and intensify nervous anxiety and panic attacks, and even shorten your life.

The good news is it’s never too late to reverse the unhealthy side effects of poor breathing. In The Power of Your Breath, the author Anders Olsson reveals some simple yet profoundly effective techniques that have helped thousands of people discover how easy it is to change every aspect of their lives for the better, simply by changing how they breathe.

Now you too can learn how improving your breathing habits can help:

  • Normalize your blood pressure, circulation and heart rate
  • Increase restful sleep and energize your waking hours
  • Boost your body’s ability to burn fat
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve your health, looks and sex drive
  • Cultivate calm and relaxation
  • Expand your awareness and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth and development with every breath you take.

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Forfatter Anders Olsson
Side antal 260
Sprog Engelsk
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